IFC Corporate Governance Advisory Services



IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, provides a range of specialized services designed to strengthen companies by improving corporate governance.In addition to providing assessments, improvement plans, and training, IFC also provides advice on improving board effectiveness, family business governance and the control environment.

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Peripheral EU Assets by Mirko Visco

well hello and welcome back to Dukascopy TV at night to discuss european blonde and equities I’m done by Mako this go managing director a generational theft mecca thank you very much for coming in today good money meant to thank you so much riding not at so now let’s begin with peripheral European assets a medium remade a massive recovery effort late bond yields have fallen dramatically and we’ve seen a huge jump in equities at if we take for example at Portugal Italian Spanish equities it increased seventy percent since July 2012 now do you think that this right in investor sentiment is justifiable particularly if we take for example state in which currently has a budget deficit although over six percent well this is true Natalie a.m. very free market that but two deficits but that they’re not the only one in fact the type that budget deficit I think the market has accepted that and these I’m and the market sentiment shifted from a very negative the them level to a very positive level today and I think it can maintain this level for a for quite longer in particular because there is TV potentially valuation gaps between meh US markets that lot markets and the Perry for markets whether these values to they offer value probably whether the bond markets can continue maybe early to beat says to you for a detainee Spain and Portugal I would say now the Athens Stock Market is presently at 130 percent that serve phenomenal around really what has coolest that mariah is and and what extra factors do you think we should be taken is still be cautious of with regards to grace well percentages said the domain now much am in fact that the Athens Stock Exchange student rates 55 percent below the high levels they recover 130 percent but it’s only a third maybe offer of the drawdown that we’ve seen in the stock market so a lot of her that there are you deterioration of assets have happened

Mirko Visco - Generation Alfa

Mirko Visco – Generation Alfa

I’m these recoveries a is a normal recovery that I think diseases based on the economic data and I’ve been improvement a lot of improvement in the asset management liability from the from that I agree government so I wouldn’t look much at that the presidential numbers I would die rather look at the absolute numbers today and most of the stock exchanges a link to the banking sector and the banking sector has been trying a lot too a sailor’s sum up the toxic assets and to refocus on the core on the core business so probably today the stock exchanges at the fair value but I think give the Asset Management night liability continues to improve it can steal a it can still perform now 130 percent is easily is a one year i a track records that over the in 2014 periods and the star kitchen is only up 7 percent which is in line with that Spain which is in line with the to the fact I also wanted to ask you about Irish bond yields these recently held near record lows a meow West above US equipment borrowing costs do you think the island’s going to continue to outperform so the other purse from larry is I don’t think so in fact and since beginning of the year over maybe even a three months period I response other underperformed the Spanish in the Portuguese and Italian once they’ve tightened obviously but that not tied down as much as the others so I think there is an underperformance I relative to the other peaks market now why that simply because the Irish government was the first one to take strong actions the implementation on the mountain that nama helped a lot of the bank’s to sell the real estate in fact a lot of the real estate has been purchased by the international law a investors and today the GE economic data in Ireland he’s in Lima in fact with the with the rest of that developed the European I markets I don’t think that the Irish market does represent today the proper risk-reward that invested the would like to have I think they’re better opportunities in the pics market if you want to play the Perry for market and I would even say that the increase of the Irish an real estate market is giving some breath to the economy but maybe there is an issue about potential a correction and I Risha a registered mark a name that happens that could create some issues for the stock market but as well for the bolts maggie thanks so much for coming and sharing your expertise that’s really appreciate thank you so much nothing mathematical that minding director our generation out there if you want more interviews with mark incited meant they changed to TX copy TV well